Top Eco friendly hotels in Curacao

The demand of the Eco tourist is rising fast and hotels around the world are becoming aware of this genre of tourism and becoming greener to both save the earth and attract these tourists.Thankfully the hoteliers on the island of Curacao have listened to this rise in demand and are not an exception to the rule anymore.

In my research in finding the top eco-friendly hotels on the island , I found that except for hotels there are many other companies that have invested in making their company and therefore Curacao as eco-friendly as possible.Companies like Green Town Curacao ( CUNACO  (, Eco Energy (  and many more are making it their daily business to make Curacao as green as possible. I am proud to say that the list of companies that are into “ going green” on the island is growing fast.

So read on for an overview of  the top eco-friendly hotels on the island ( in random order ) :

The Natural Curacao

This small scale resort in Curacao offers various bungalows made out of eco-friendly materials.These brand new bungalows are situated on top of a hill which as you imagine offers cool wind and therefore air conditioning is not needed.Solar panels, a water recycling system and a battery backup system instead of a generator are all reasons to add the Natural Curacao to the list of Top Eco Friendly hotels on the island.

For more information on the natural Curacao ,please visit

The Natural Curacao
The Natural Curacao




Mondi Lodge

One of the goals of the owners of Mondi  lodge is to become an eco-lodge. With this in mind they have made big steps to achieve their dream for Mondi Lodge.Herbs, vegetables and fruits are planted in their own gardens, while groundwater is used to water them and the remainder of the garden. Driftwood is used to make decoration, while furniture is built from old pallet wood. In the guest rooms organic toiletries , solar heated water and encouraging guests not to change their linnen and towels on a daily basis ,are firm methods being used to sustain an eco riendly environment

For more information on Mondi Lodge ,please visit

Mondi Lodge
Mondi Lodge



Morena Eco resort

At this luxurious and tranquil eco resort guests can enjoy being surrounded by tropical gardens and chirping birds.The villas and apartments are built from environmentally sustainable materials and are equipped with individual solar water heaters on the roof which generate enough hot water for the entire day.Morena Eco Resort generates their own energy and also have a gray – water system which allows them to re-use waste water in the garden.Their efforts have not gone by unseen as this resort has won 3 awards including :  Green Globe, Greenkey (gold) and Travelife (gold).

For more information on Morena Resort ,please visit

morena resort
morena resort




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