10 places kids will love while vacationing in Curacao.

Airline tickets booked . Accommodation chosen. Transfer service confirmed.Now you just have to find out how to keep your kids entertained throughout your vacation. Curacao has much more to offer than Sun, Sea & Sand for both kids and kids by heart.Are you looking for Indoor & outdoor activities, or some fun activities on land or in the sea?

Below are my top choices to visit with kids while in Curacao.

–  Dolphin Academy | If you are looking for the perfect combination of water & animals for your kids. You just found it ! Dolphins are the main attraction at this academy for kids & adults. Kids of all ages get the opportunity to interact with the Dolphins by doing a Dolphin Encounter or for those willing  take that extra step,they also have the assistant trainer course ( 6 years & older).Before and after these activities kids are free to roam around the famous sea-aquarium to enjoy seeing the large variety of sea animals there. http://www.dolphin-academy.com/


– Brakkeput Mei Mei | A challenging 18 hole mini golf course awaits you & your kids at this 18th century plantation house, which was converted into a restaurant. The fully equipped playground including swings, wooden playhouses & slides can be used by kids and are also available for kids parties & all inclusive arrangements. Your kids can enjoy the playground while you relax in the restaurant. http://www.brakkeputmeimei.com/

brakkeput Mei Mei - 3

-Animal Encounters |The new and renewed Animal Encounters will let you experience a scuba dive or snorkel encounter surrounded by turtles, stingrays, sharks and many other fish. These programs are for both certified and non-certified divers and snorkelers. During the dive, participants have the opportunity to hand-feed these sea animals and observe them up close and personal. Animal Encounters is located at the Curaçao Sea Aquarium Park. http://www.oceanencounters.com/en/animal-encounters

animal encounters

-Kunuku Aqua resort |A day filled with water fun activities are guaranteed at this resort. Kunuku aqua resort is located a short drive from some of the islands most famous beaches.  You can purchase a day pass and spend the day at the only hotel in Curacao with a 137 feet water slide within their pool. In addition the playground, sports field and of course pool beds are included for use. http://www.kunukuresort.com/en/

kunuku aqua resort

-Itsy Bitsy (Children’s farm) | Young kids have the unique opportunity to pet all kinds of miniature farm animals including miniature donkeys, dwarf rabbits, miniature horses, guinea pigs and even the smallest chickens in the world.The farm is opened in the weekend  ( 9-12pm ) & (3-6pm)and starting at $ 2 per child ( under 10 years ) children can feed, touch, smell and appreciate these animals.  https://www.facebook.com/ItsyBitsyCuracao

itsy bitsy2

-Adventure City | From play pens to bumper cars. Kids of all ages will be entertained at Adventure city. This air conditioned area has lots of games to offer in a cool atmosphere. Coins for each game can be purchased at the register. And while kids play the games ,parents can take a seat in the food court area.Adventure city is opened from 5 -9pm throughout the week and from 3-9pm in the weekends. https://www.facebook.com/adventurecitycuracao


-Parke Tropical Zoo & Nature Reserve | Birds ,local iguanas, donkeys, goats and more can be found enjoying life at the local zoo.  Kids can spend the day at the zoo and even help the volunteers by feeding the animals. At the zoo kids can also celebrate their birthday parties. Various activities for kids are held here throughout the year including movie nights & fundraising events.Visit the zoo daily between10am & 5pm. https://www.facebook.com/ParkeTropikal


– Pelican Boat Trips | See and experience Curaçao during one of the various boat trips offered. Snorkel around the Tugboat and see beautiful corals and many colorful fish. During a fishing trip you will learn to fish the local way, the catch is yours to keep. Cruise through the harbor or enjoy the beautiful Caribbean sunset during a trip along the coastline of Curaçao. Pelican Boat Trips has daily trips with departure from the Curaçao Sea Aquarium park. http://www.pelicanboattrips.com/

pelican boat 2

-Amazonia | Amazonia the Lost Cultures will amaze you. Discover the lost cultures of Mesoamerica and the Caribbean. Travel back in time in recreated jungles, caves, temple ruins, ponds and pyramids. Plunge into a 60- 90 min journey through 45,000 square feet  filled with sculptures, paintings and murals reflecting the Maya, Aztec, Inca and Arowak cultures. Interact with parrots, monkeys, iguanas and more.  http://www.amazoniacuracao.com/

amazonia 2

-The Beaches | Spend the morning at the beach. BBQ, sun tan lotion , towel & a bathing suit is the perfect recipe for kids to have the time of their lives at the many beaches Curacao has to offer. The most beautiful & natural beaches can be found on the west side of the island and should not be overlooked while  looking for a place to spend the day while in Curacao. http://www.curacao.com/en/directory/do/beaches/



6 Tips on Travelling to Curacao on a budget.

Have you been thinking about visiting Curacao, but your budget is kindda on the low side?                                                   Don’t let that stop you from your dream vacation to the island !  Follow my tips on getting to Curacao and experiencing the island on budget.

  • Plan your trip during the low season (April – mid December) both airline and hotel rooms are much cheaper than. Make use of http://www.skyscanner.net/ or http://www.kayak.com/ to compare flights and get the lowest rate available online.If you plan on staying in a hotel , in the months of May, June and November most hotels have special rates, so make good use of those. Another option would be to stay in a hostel, Curacao has 7 registered hostels, which can be found on http://www.hostelworld.com/findabed.php/ChosenCity.Curacao/ChosenCountry.Netherlands-Antilles. A large variety of apartments can also be found on https://www.airbnb.com/s/curacao 
  • Instead of using the phone in your hotel room, buy a “Tilin” phone card. This is a phone card by a local phone company which can be used to make both local and international phone calls for a descent rate and can be used at payphones and in some hotel rooms. https://www.uts.cw/personal/home-phone
  • Although renting a car is great, if you are on a budged taking the bus in curacao is also an option. This would cost you approx $1 per person. Check out http://www.curacao.com/en/directory/plan/transportation/ for more information on public transportation.
  • Curacao has many supermarkets, where you can buy your ingredients and cook a meal at your place of accommodation. But if you have some extra cash for a restaurant, I would suggest visiting plaza curacao. Check out my blog post on this very known restaurant, where you definitely get your money’s worth : https://curacaoblogger.wordpress.com/2014/08/17/make-a-friendwhile-having-a-meal-at-plaza-bieuw/
  • Experience crossing the floating pedestrian bridge or using the ferry when the bridge is open, spend the day at one of the many beaches,take a stroll along handelskade and see various large ships enter the most unique sint Anna bay,visit the local zoo . Bring your diving /snorkeling equipment and explore the Caribbean waters

So now there is no excuse to not get to Curacao on a budget. Follow my blog at curacaoblogger.wordpress.com for more on this undiscovered island.

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For questions/comments please contact me at kimbrownblogger@gmail.com

Adult & Plus size Models in Curacao

The Adult & Plus size modeling scene is still up & coming in Curacao.

We have inhabitants of over 50 cultures and of all sizes living on the island.

Still the plus size & modeling scene has not been too popular until Ms. Sherry Alberto of Mature Model Management started her model agency this year.

During 2 months of training Mature Model Management does not only focus on giving plus size & mature models modelling lessons,but also include personal development, hair care, nutrition,runway,make up and more.

The lessons end with a fashion show where models can walk the runway and show case their self confidence in combination with their new walk for their friends of family.

The 2nd group of models have just finished their modelling courses and will be part of a 3 hour fashion show on October 12th at the Holiday Beach Hotel. The fashion show is filled with entertainers, amazing clothes and shoes for various occasions. 

Enjoy some pictures of the previous show and I hope to see you Sunday, October 12th at the following fashion show at the Holiday Beach Hotel in Curacao.

For tickets visit Rasonable Brienvengat.

DSC_0511 DSC_0521 DSC_0670 DSC_0661 DSC_0656 DSC_0559 DSC_0671 DSC_0676 DSC_0678 DSC_0679 DSC_0707 DSC_0699 DSC_0769 DSC_0741 DSC_0744 DSC_0721 DSC_0798 DSC_0809

Top Eco friendly hotels in Curacao

The demand of the Eco tourist is rising fast and hotels around the world are becoming aware of this genre of tourism and becoming greener to both save the earth and attract these tourists.Thankfully the hoteliers on the island of Curacao have listened to this rise in demand and are not an exception to the rule anymore.

In my research in finding the top eco-friendly hotels on the island , I found that except for hotels there are many other companies that have invested in making their company and therefore Curacao as eco-friendly as possible.Companies like Green Town Curacao ( http://www.greentowncuracao.com/) CUNACO  (http://www.curacaonature.org/), Eco Energy (http://www.ecoenergycuracao.net/)  and many more are making it their daily business to make Curacao as green as possible. I am proud to say that the list of companies that are into “ going green” on the island is growing fast.

So read on for an overview of  the top eco-friendly hotels on the island ( in random order ) :

The Natural Curacao

This small scale resort in Curacao offers various bungalows made out of eco-friendly materials.These brand new bungalows are situated on top of a hill which as you imagine offers cool wind and therefore air conditioning is not needed.Solar panels, a water recycling system and a battery backup system instead of a generator are all reasons to add the Natural Curacao to the list of Top Eco Friendly hotels on the island.

For more information on the natural Curacao ,please visit http://www.thenaturalcuracao.com/

The Natural Curacao
The Natural Curacao




Mondi Lodge

One of the goals of the owners of Mondi  lodge is to become an eco-lodge. With this in mind they have made big steps to achieve their dream for Mondi Lodge.Herbs, vegetables and fruits are planted in their own gardens, while groundwater is used to water them and the remainder of the garden. Driftwood is used to make decoration, while furniture is built from old pallet wood. In the guest rooms organic toiletries , solar heated water and encouraging guests not to change their linnen and towels on a daily basis ,are firm methods being used to sustain an eco riendly environment

For more information on Mondi Lodge ,please visit http://mondilodge.com/

Mondi Lodge
Mondi Lodge



Morena Eco resort

At this luxurious and tranquil eco resort guests can enjoy being surrounded by tropical gardens and chirping birds.The villas and apartments are built from environmentally sustainable materials and are equipped with individual solar water heaters on the roof which generate enough hot water for the entire day.Morena Eco Resort generates their own energy and also have a gray – water system which allows them to re-use waste water in the garden.Their efforts have not gone by unseen as this resort has won 3 awards including :  Green Globe, Greenkey (gold) and Travelife (gold).

For more information on Morena Resort ,please visit http://morenaresort.com/about-morena/eco-resort-curacao

morena resort
morena resort



Disabled & Determined in Curacao – A story about Alton Paas.

This blog – interview is about a special young man of Curacao by the name of Alton Paas.

As I sat in front of this vibrant & determined 23 year old young man, I asked him to introduce himself to me.

At the tender age of 19 , Alton was involved in a car accident which was caused due to him losing consciousness due to a heart disorder he had ,but did not know about.

When Alton regained consciousness he was in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Colombia.The accident he was involved in
in Curacao, caused him a spinal cord injury, which left him wheelchair bound. And for 2 years following the accident Alton went through various surgeries and rehabilitation programs. It was than that Alton and his family realized that there is a lot missing for a person with a spinal cord injury in Curacao.
This was the beginning of the Alton Paas Foundation on September 7th 2012.
This foundation, of which Alton is the chairman, has many goals of which one of them is to make a registry where all persons with a Spinal Cord Injury can register themselves.

Alton explained that he loves to visit the city, go swimming and visit his grandmother on the west side of the island. Some companies offer accessibility, but most of them do not know what what “accessibility” really his. For example they would make special parking spaces, without a ramp to make use of.

The Alton Paas foundation was founded in September 2011 and consists of 7 people of the board and several volunteers. The foundation motivates all people with a spinal cord injury to go out and visit various establishments. This way the owners will become conscious about the need of all accessible items needed.
Except for motivating the peoples with a spinal cord injury on the island, the Alton Paas Foundation does various projects to bring awareness to the public. One of their previous projects was the “wheelchair day challenge”. Where 3 people in Curacao with no desability were challenged to spend 1 work day in a wheelchair. This was also done to bring awareness to this topic and this was a success.

Their current project is called “Superando!” which means ” overcoming” . This is a tv program of 12 episodes which will air in 2015.
The foundation is still in need of sponsors to finish this project.

FINAL THOUGHT : It was a pleasure to get to know and talk to Alton Paas. Except for being very determined he is also focussed on motivating others exceed their own expectations.I wish alton paas all the best in the future and hope look forward to his tv program and much more from Fundashon Alton Paas.

For more information on Alton Paas and his foundation please visit
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/FundashonAltonPaas
webiste : http://www.fundashonaltonpaas.org/

kim brown blogger curacao alton paas

Alton Paas in his office at the Alton Paas Foundation
Alton Paas in his office at the Alton Paas Foundation

A week filled with cultural activities in Curacao !

Join us in celebration 1 week filled with cultural events in Curacao.
Siman di Kultura ( Week of our culture) is a yearly event organized by “Kas di Kultura”.
This year from September 26th – October 5th the main theme is ” From abolition to emancipation”.

Various establishments will join in celebrating this week , by organizing various events in Curacao/

Get to know much more about Curacao , it’s history and culture .

Biba bo kultura !!

For more information on events visit : :https://www.facebook.com/pages/Siman-di-Kultura-2014/1454058264865398?fref=photo

siman di kultura 2014 kim brown siman di kultura curacao kim brown siman di kultura kim brown

Fish soup at Marshe di Barber.

Sunday morning was the perfect time to satisfy my cravings for some local fish soup.
So that morning at 10am the journey to “Marshe di Barber” started . On the road to Westpunt
just after the only gas & fire station in Barber, we took a left turn and ended up at a very full parking
lot at “Marshe di Barber”

Lot’s of locals and tourists had already arrived to the market where a variety of dishes including various soups, fresh made drinks
and “pan ku sanger” was being served.”Pan ku sanger” is a traditional dish, where goat blood is cooked and than served in bread. And although it was a very popular dish that morning, I still decided to follow my cravings for fish soup.
And I was glad with that decision, the soup was the perfect temperature and perfect for that morning. Soup was being sold in various sizes starting at Nafl 3.50 per cup. I took the smallest size since I wanted to experience lunch later on at the market.

Lunch includes rice with fish or goat, various soups and more.
Except for food ,different hand made items,plants and local sweets were sold. “Marshe di Barber” is opened every sunday from
6.30 am – 1 or 2 pm, depending on when their food is sold out.
So the next time you are on the way to a beach or are hungry from spending the day on the west side of the island , feel free to
visit “Marshe di Barber” and have some good local breakfast or lunch.